Located on the Caribbean side of the Pacific in a region filled with small islands, clear water coves and coral reefs, the Bocas Del Toro region is a true gem. This aquatic playground offers surf exploration, nature and adventure in a pristine tropical setting. We are truly excited to partner with the villa Sweet Bocas to offer our clients an extraordinary tropical retreat.


If you are looking for the ultimate in privacy, luxury, and personalized service, Sweet Bocas is the place. Set on its own private island in an area that is rich in waves and natural beauty, the eco-friendly luxury retreat Sweet Bocas is truly a one-of-a-kind property.

The majestic two-story 7-bedroom full service villa is constructed entirely out of Panamanian teak and built on top of more than 100 cement stilts in a tranquil sea setting. All rooms are en-suite and have incredible water views. The villa furnishings are stylish, hand crafted and a blend of modern and indigenous design. The owner, designer and builder, Annick Belanger, who has a long relationship with the hospitality industry, wanted to create an environment that was private, yielded rich experiences and truly embraced the local surroundings and people. This property was created with a deliberate social and environmental consciousness that is threaded throughout the design and daily operations of the villa.

At Sweet Bocas, each natural feature is part of a connected ecosystem that contributes to every aspect of the guests’ stay. From the tropical fruit forest, vegetable garden, and nursery, to the fresh water pond, sea water pond and biological corridor, everything is designed to exist in a state of harmony. The tropical fruit forest includes mango, soursop and cashew, among more exotic species like durian, cempedak and longan. These fruit trees not only offer a stable refuge for an endless number of beautiful birds, mammals and amphibians, but guarantee a supply of incredibly fresh and delicious fruits. They also provide for beautiful grounds and landscapes to explore and hide in.


Surfing guests can access the numerous waves in the area by private boat. This area is rich with islands and coves that create waves as well as numerous beaches with great sand bars.
There is a good range of waves for new surfers who are just gaining skills. For the seasoned surfer looking for a solid barrel, the Bocas region offers several world class waves. We love this area for its diversity in reefs and beach breaks. Because of the multiple islands in the area, there many nooks and crannies that provide uncrowded waves.


And last but not least, the food at Sweet Bocas is outstanding. Sweet Bocas’ chef, Emanuela Gismondi, searches for the island’s freshest ingredients to bring back and plan the menu for the day. Organic gardens on the property often provide the base for many special meals. The garden has over 40 species of vegetables and herbs.

The menu is simple and fresh with a Mediterranean and Asian twist. Rumor has it that the chef is constantly flooded with offers by guests who come and want hire her. All meals are included in the villa day rate. Special dietary requests are always accommodated.


Non-surfing guests are blessed with a great number of things to do. They can simply relax and unwind in the natural surroundings or enjoy many of the physical activities offered on the villa property: yoga, snorkeling, paddle boarding, tennis the onsite gym are all available for guests. Outside of the compound the whole area of Bocas is exploding with secret islands and reefs.

Bastimentos National Marine Park and Zapatilla Keys, home to the region’s best beaches including Red Frog Beach, are very easy to access. As are the marine turtle observation and protection at Bluff Beach, and Long Beach, where guests can help turtles nest. Or for a more cultural experience try the Sweet Bocas Native Village Tour, which takes guests through the villages of the Ngöbe–Buglé, an ancient indigenous American people. For a truly exceptional day trip, charter the Sweet Bocas 30 foot private yacht and create a custom tour of the local beaches, reefs, and marine sanctuaries.

Sweet Bocas’s full list of excursions are as follows: Adventure Trips for Kids, Art Classes for Kids, Beaches, Canoeing, Catamaran & Motorboat Sailing, Dolphin Watching, Fishing, Forest Hiking, Gymnasium, Jet Skiing, Jungle Excursions, Kayaking, Kickboxing Classes, Marine Turtles, Native Village Tour, Paddle Boarding, Permaculture Tours, Snorkeling & Diving, Spa, Surfing &, Kiteboarding, Tennis Lessons, Treasure Hunt for Kids, Yoga and Meditation Classes.


Commercial Flights

There are several option for travelers heading to Bocas Del Toro. Many guests fly into the international airport in Panama City, Panama (PTY) and then transfer to the domestic airport thirty minutes away. Air Panama (www.panamaair.com) has several daily flights that go into Bocas del Toro International Airport (BOC). The ride is a quick forty minutes. Once you have arrived, the concierge from Sweet Bocas will handle your transport to the villa.

The other option is to fly into the Costa Rica’s San Jose International Airport (SJO) and take a Nature Air flight (www.natureair.com) directly into Bocas del Toro International Airport. Nature Air flies from SJO and several other locations in Costa Rica to Bocas Del Toro.

Flying into Bocas del Toro (BOC) via private aircraft

Bocas del Toro International Airport has a single runway with no taxiway. The runway measures 1,500 m × 26 m (4,921 ft × 85 ft). The airport can only accommodate smaller aircraft and the runway is limited to aircraft under 26,500 LB (12,000 kg). A small terminal exists at the east end of the runway. International arrivals must clear Panamanian customs at the airport.