How do I book a trip with Terry Simms Surf with Terry or another instructor as a guide?

We begin all trip bookings by looking at the client’s goals and experience. We then look at the calendar and determine the best locations that would facilitate the surf experience.

Once a location, dates, and lodging are determined, TSS will send a booking confirmation and a 50% non-refundable deposit invoice of the coaching fee. The coaching fee will be based on the current coaching day rate and the instructors days on site. Once the deposit is received, we will work with the client to book the lodging or on-site villa and then plan for air travel and any other arrangements that might be needed. That balance of the coaching fee and expenses are due fourteen days before departure. Any final expenses will be billed at the end of the trip.

What are the minimum/maximum travel days that I can book with a guide?

When booking an international trip, the minimum amount of days is five. For trips inside the US, we have a three day minimum. For destinations that are over twenty hours of travel time, a  minimum booking of seven days is required and an additional travel day rate will be added to the invoice.

We do offer day lessons near our home surf breaks in Ventura, California and can do custom learn to surf packages. Please email for more details.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

If you need to cancel a trip, please let us know as soon as possible. Most locations we work with have very limited available. Each hotel or villa we work with has their own cancellation policy that will be sent to client upon booking confirmation for acknowledgement.

When booking a guided trip with Terry Simms, we have little chance to re-sell Terry’s coaching services on a short notice, thus we must treat these cancelled bookings as unrecoverable.

When booking Terry Simms as a guide, the cancellation policy is as follows: Within 60 days of trip departure, the deposit invoice can be rolled over towards another trip. Any cancellations, under 60 days, the deposit will forfeited plus any non-refundable travel expenses that are in place.. Any cancellations within 30 days of departure, the balance of the coaching fee will be due plus any non-refundable travel expenses that are in place. If we are able to re-sell a canceled booking, we will roll over the deposit to the next booking.

Can I book a TSS trip without a guide?

We can help plan trips to any destinations that we travel to. With over forty years or surf travel experience, we have tons of insider insight and knowledge to help you maximize your surf experience and avoid any potential issues with travel or logistics.

What additional expenses can I expect when traveling with a guide?

When taking along a guide, TSS will bill for the following expenses for the days the guide is booked: the coaching day rate established at the time of booking, air-travel, lodging, meals, surfboard and baggage fees per airline policies, airport parking (if required), visas (if required), any additional transport needed during trip. We are happy to provide a trip estimates for any of our locations. Clients are welcome to purchase airline tickets on miles. If TSS books the guide’s air-travel, all fees will be included on the deposit invoice.

Do I need my own equipment?

When booking your first trip with TSS, we are happy to provide all hard goods, surfing equipment (ie. surfboard, fins and leashes) for an additional fee. when traveling to warm water destinations, we ask that all clients bring board shorts, rash guards, and surf hats. If water temps might require spring suits or neoprene tops, we will always let you know beforehand and provide recommendations on what to bring. We have several on-line retailers that we recommend. When traveling with Terry or a TSS guide, we are also happy to shop and bring surf items for clients.

If traveling with Terry to areas where there is good surfboard rental equipment, we often work with on-site surf shops which is less costly then us traveling with boards and incurring high airline baggage fees.

For those who want to really pursue the sport, we highly suggest purchasing a board to work with. We have many different shapers we work with and Terry is always happy to help advise on ordering a custom board, or buying something directly from a local shop. Please feel free to get in touch with any equipment questions you have.