“This location must be described as life altering. With 12 years under my belt at Nihiwatu I have evolved into a better surfer, a better friend, a better teacher, a better student, a better father and a better husband. What else can you ask for? More then you can imagine awaits you here in this geologically and culturally exquisite haven.”  –  Terry Simms

This is a TSS number one surf, life, family and world experience.


Located in Nusa Tengera, Sumba stands as one of the last pristine undeveloped islands in the Indonesia Archipelago. Its raw natural beauty and magnificent coastline is a perfect backdrop for the unique culture that permeates the island and makes Sumba one of the most fascinating places to visit in Indonesia. After a long search across the island, Nihiwatu’s founders chose the beach at God’s Left because it was one of the most extraordinary, untouched places that they have ever encountered and its remote location would allow for a truly private experience. The original hotel was built on the hillside with dramatic views of the world class wave, God’s Left. Twenty years later, the hotel has gone through an extensive renovation that transformed this small boutique surf retreat into a one-of-a kind luxury travel experience with exquisite villas, unsurpassed service and an island setting that is entirely unique.

In all of our travels, we have not found a location that rivals this one for beauty and quality of experience.


“When I made my first trip to Nihiwatu in 2004 I never knew that I would have such a long and intense relationship with this island. My clients and I first became aware of Nihiwatu after an extensive article on Sumba and Nihiwatu that appeared in the Surfer’s Journal. Our first trip was extraordinary and we didn’t want to leave. Fast forward to 2016, this same group has a long standing annual date with Nihiwatu in August. In this past decade there has been a whole slew of TSS kids who have grown up spending a good part of their summer vacation on this island and I believe they are all better human beings because of their experiences on Sumba.

We first came for the wave but we have returned year after year because of the Sumbanese culture and people. There is a warmth and a spirit that these generous people bring to this resort that has touched me and so many of my clients. I am proud to call the staff at Nihiwatu my family and humbled that they think of me as the same.  I know I will be coming here for years to come.”  – Terry Simms

TSS Nihiwatu crew, 2006


The newly renovated Nihiwatu resort has a very diverse collections of villas to choose from. From couples to families to large groups, these villas have all been thoughtfully and carefully planned to offer privacy, luxury and a unique setting to maximize guest relaxation and a sense of tropical escape. TSS has been on hand during every stage of Nihiwatu’s make-over. We know which villas offer the most romantic setting and which villas are best suited to families with children under ten who want the best pool to swim in.  And of course, as surfers, we know most of you want the best view possible of God’s Left, allowing you to roll out of bed, grab your coffee and watch the magic from your deck. Let us guide you through all of the incredible villa offerings. We have many favorites that we want to share with you.

One-bedroom villa rates start at $695 (in the green season) and $1200 in the high season. There are several amazing options for 2-4 bedroom villas (prices ranging from $2100 – $10,000 per night). Please get in touch and we can help you select the best option and guide you to find the ideal time of year to visit Nihiwatu for surfing.

RS181_Kanatar Sumba House - Exterior-lpr
Kanatar Sumba House -Outside Living area

These extra spacious duplex hideaways are perfect for a couples or families with 1 (or 2) children. Each villa has a view of the break with private gardens and pools. These architecturally designed homes were  created reflect a two-storey Sumbanese house; upon entry guests are welcomed with a sprawling deck and private infinity pool (27,9 m2), open-air living room and bathroom to the rear. On the upper level the bedroom opens to another open-air platform amongst the trees (41,46 m2) with a bathroom and outdoor jungle shower. The added bonus is the beautiful teak floors on the upstairs bedroom and taking a shower in jungle bathroom at night is sublime.

RS201_High Res - Kasambi Estate - Family Villa - Master Bedrom
RS208_High Res - Kasambi Estate - Family Villa - Pool

Kasambi 2 bedroom villa and the two Kasambi Suites both benefit from private garden entrances occupying a Creek side location at the resort. The compound can be rented as a four bedroom estate, or as a two bedroom villa when available.

The Kasambi experience is anchored by the exquisitely crafted ‘Great Room’; a spacious open plan lounge featuring private dining area, bar, kitchen and surround sound, opening out onto a decked terrace and large infinity pool (62,8 m2). A fun, open area to share Nihi experiences with friends and family.

The main two-bedroom villa (80 m2 and 104 m2) features wrap around decking with day beds and lounge seating that offers undisturbed views of the famous left-hand break waves and the two and half kilometer beach.

Two luxurious Kasambi suites (80,4 m2) occupy a secluded location surrounded by gardens of Jasmine, Frangipani, and Palm trees, sharing a private plunge pool (3,4 x 7,4 m) with a private path leading directly down to Nio Beachfront.

RS157_Marangga 3 – Bedroom 3
RS164_Marangga - Cliff side Bale, evening
RS154_Marangga - Bathroom.crop

These villas are a true surfer’s delight with a sweeping view of God’s Left and a luxurious private deck that allows you to keep a watchful eye on the tide and conditions. Each one of the four Marangga comprises one bedroom (48,68 m2) with a private garden, outdoor shower, bathtub, outdoor dining and lounge area, terrace and decking complete with a private plunge pool (30,8 m2). The spectacular Cliffside Bale elevated above the sea provide a little nook for daytime sungazing or nighttime star gazing. Equipped with a mosquito net, guests can even sleep under the stars on the daybed. Marranga villas offer secluded privacy perfect for honeymoons or romantic escapes.

RS154_Marangga - Bathroom.crop

These villas are directly above the boathouse and the launching point to God’s left. For the surfer who does not want to miss a moment, Lamba is a great place to call home while staying at Nihiwatu. Both of these villas have tremendous views of the wave, are very close to the restaurants, and are a stones throw to the beach.

Villas are complete with individual bedrooms (45,7 m2), a day bed with teak cabana, large round bathtub, shower, terrace and deck, outdoor dining and lounge area, their own plunge pool (41,6 m2) and private gardens leading to the beach. Local crafts, Sumbanese artwork and comfortable colourful furnishings feature throughout providing a home away from home. For families with kids, Lamba can be rented as a two villa compound.


This is Nihiwatu’s newest and most luxurious estate. What we love about this villa: the location, the group entertainment opportunities, the view, the interior spaces, and the central location, the quick walk to the boathouse and water’s edge. The villa was designed with large families and groups of friends in mind and is fully equipped with spacious entertaining areas. We had two 50th birthday parties in 2016 in Mendaka and we are sure there will be more to come.

This estate is comprised of five individual villas, each with its own private pool and takes over the most expansive plot of land right in the heart of the property.  The landscaped gardens around the villas also provide privacy so each villa can be rented exclusively.

The large expansive living and dining area takes center stage on the front of Raja Mendaka and offers vast views of the Indian Ocean and Nihiwatu’s picturesque 2.5 km beach coastline. A large open deck includes a 19 meter pool with an ice cold plunge pool, plus dining and covered lounge area with a fully equipped kitchen to the side. To the back of the entertaining space is a library/studio with a bathroom, which is also connected to the master bedroom. A great little nook for privacy, for reading or to watch a movie.

Raja Medaka’s master villas bedroom sits to the right of the main area in a prime position, cantilevered over the white sand coastline and Nihi’s renowned sunsets. The 56m2 area includes a day bed, spacious bathroom with shower and outdoor bathtub. The front veranda features a private pool and a sheltered area with day beds for lounging. The master villa’s guest room sits to the left of the main area and offers a day bed, bathroom with shower, outdoor bathtub and private pool.

The three remaining, two-storey one-bedroom villas are dotted behind on the gentle slope and were designed to reflect the traditional Sumbanese House. The entry level offers a partially covered deck, living room, bathroom, private bathroom and private infinity pool at the front with lounge area. The study to the back provides a great area for children to sleep or an air-conditioned area to watch movie or work. Upstairs, the 46m2 bedroom opens to a platform among the trees with a bathroom complete with an outdoor jungle shower. An outdoor bathtub is perfectly positioned on the balcony to afford the signature Nihiwatu coastline view. Raja Mendaka 2’s unique attribute is a waterfall, cascading off natural rocks into a private pool and a hidden massage cave between the boulders at the base.

Traditional Sumbanese artifacts feature throughout including carvings, antiques, local wood, soft and Ikat prints and furnishings. This is the only villa to feature Sulawesi marble inlayed with special teak.


The Majesty of God’s Left

“God’s Left was founded by my great friend and founder of Nihiwatu, Claude Graves, who I met on my first trip in 2002. This single wave is appropriately named. But God might be a female. All waves have a form, a feel, a personality. God’s Left is feminine in behavior. She will embrace you with love and peace in one wave; on the next, she rattles your cage so that you never forget who is boss and the supreme being.

What I look for in a perfect wave is consistency, smooth ocean surface conditions, dry hair paddle out, safety, warmth, and a ”happy ending” with only a few friends or no one out at all.  This is what we find every day at Nihiwatu. Waves can range anywhere from 1-12 feet. The trade wind is favorable and tides are best around the mid-period, making this one of the few places on Earth that have such a wide range of surfable conditions, tides and sizes. This is the number one surf spot for a first day person (my youngest client 4, my oldest 70), to life time surfers. This quality of inclusion is why I rank it at the top.

It’s easy to say this wave is heart throb to heaven, but If you want more out of surf adventures than walking 100 feet from your room to paddling out, the boat and safari trips are off the charts. Local traditions and curses prevent me from telling you where to go. I have to show you. There are at least a dozen other dream waves within close proximity. ”  –  Terry Simms

God’s left works well on a two-foot day and a twelve-foot day. In a two-week trip during the right time of year, ideally you will get to see all of these conditions.

Exploring Sumba’s Other World Class Waves

“After spending over a decade traveling to this island and surfing God’s Left, I have spent many hours in boats, cars and on Google Earth, looking for Sumba’s other hidden gems. After every trip to a new spot, I gain more insight into the nuances of Sumba’s waves, winds and tides and every year seems to deliver a better reward from a culmination of this knowledge. Come join in my wave finding quest.  God’s Left is clearly not the only gem on the island.

Nihiwatu has invested in top-notch boat equipment to help wave seekers find the best spots in optimum conditions. The onsite water men will work with you and the surf forecast to ensure that any boat trip will be a score. It is hard to boat away from the perfection of God’s Left but when we do, we always return with big smiles knowing that our strategic strike was a true score.’  – Terry Simms

Blue Waterfall Tour

Blue Waterfall Tour

A popular hike is a 45-minute drive from Nihiwatu through the Wanukaka Valley. Arriving to a local village, the Blue Waterfall Trip includes a 90-minute hike descending through the national park, to the magnificent blue lagoon at the base of the waterfall. Sheer cliffs 200 to 300 meters high, surround the waterfall providing an awe-inspiring backdrop. Guests can jump off the rocks and swim, enjoy a picnic and feel completely removed from the world.

Nihi Oka Spa Safari

Nihi Oka Spa Safari

The Ultimate Spa Experience at Nihiwatu. A 90-minutes trek will bring you through rolling hills, typical villages and an abundance of rice fields up to the show-stopping final destination of Nihi Oka. On arrival, you will be greeted by the Nihi Oka team bearing fresh coconuts, invited to the tree platform for a healthy breakfast and introduced to your private bale on the clifftops, where you will be under the vices of your dedicated therapists for unlimited treatments.
Yoga and Wellnes

Yoga and Wellnes

The Yoga Pavilion offers breathtaking 360 degree views atop the ridge of the resort, an open-aired platform for private or group practices. Group Yoga classes are available for all guests daily. The group class may focus on one style of practice or incorporate a mix of classes encompassing Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini, Pranayama or Yin yoga. Our instructors also offer private sessions and workshops.
Spa Bales

Spa Bales

A range of spa treatments including the popular Nihiwatu massage can be enjoyed at the beach or jungle bales, or in the privacy of your own room. Our specially trained Sumbanese staff are on hand to offer a range of relaxing and reviving treatments at any time of day.
Turtle Release

Turtle Release

Nihiwatu is home to six different turtle species. Every year over thousands of turtles are released along the sand.
Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

Spend an afternoon making chocolate at Chris and Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. This artfully designed building tucked into the jungle houses a state-of-the-art kitchen and is part of the newly built children’s center and play area.
Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Nihiwatu’s Sandalwood Stables located 100 meters from the ocean is one of the resort’s greatest new experiences. Whether you are an experienced rider, or looking to ride for the first time, the local guides will make all the arrangements for you to enjoy riding the sweet natured, one of kind, Sumbanese horses across a beautiful landscape.


Get prepared for a tow-in session for the next 12 foot swell or just have fun and practice your maneuvers at a high speed. Even if you never plan on towing into big waves, this experience is a great skill builder for surfers of every level.
Exploring the Sumba Coast

Exploring the Sumba Coast

Nihiwatu has top-notch boats, waterman and an unbelievable raw coastline to explore. The landscape of Sumba is truly unforgettable and the remote waters around Nihiwatu are some of the last accessible, untouched waters of Asia and possibly the world.


All spearfishing is done without the use of Scuba tanks, utilising a single breath hold to spear your dinner. Safety is a top priority, with a properly trained waterman always providing direct supervision. Nihiwatu requires all first time spearfishing enthusiasts to take our 1 hour spearfishing lesson, in order to learn about safety, equipment, and technique.


The remote waters around Nihiwatu are some of the last accessible untouched waters of Asia and possibly the world. The marine ecosystem is thriving and good fish stocks and responsible management of the fishery on our ensure the longevity of the surrounding waters.

Fishing our offshore FADs where a multitude of species are present year round offer the chance to land marlin, wahoo, sail fish, yellowfin and big eye tuna, mahi mahi, monster rainbow runner, sharks and triple tail.



Explore the beautiful oceanic waters around Nihiwatu or take a tour along a nearby river experiencing the culture of Sumba. Nihiwatu has several different SUP tours depending on the season and conditions. Their expert waterman can guide first time SUPers though the basics. A wide array of boards are available for guest use.
Village Tours

Village Tours

Discover the true heart and culture of Sumba by visiting a traditional Sumba village. There are numerous villages within the immediate range of the hotel.  Sumba is remarkably rich in culture, most notably the unique Marapu religion. This animist religion greatly influences the village life and can be seen in the shape of the traditional houses and the megalithic tombstones that are a part of every village.
Sumba Foundation Tours

Sumba Foundation Tours

Learn about what The Sumba Foundation is supporting across the island. The close relationship with the resort and many of our guests has brought health, nourishment, education, and enriched the lives of many indigenous Sumbanese people. Visit a local water project, a Malaria-combating health clinic, or volunteer one morning with the school lunch program.

The remote island of Sumba is one of the poorest islands in the Indonesian Archipelago, yet culturally it is one of the richest, with very strong, ancient traditions. The island is sparsely populated with approximately 450,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 11,150 square kilometers, roughly the size of Massachusetts. Sumba is home to one of the world’s last intact Animist cultures. Relatively little is known about the history of the island. Colonized by the Dutch in the late 1890’s and known as Sandalwood Island because of the vast quantity of native sandalwood trees, the land was populated by fierce warriors of differing tribes. As a result, the Dutch colonial administration was not able to establish an administrative post on the island until 1933 – deeming it finally safe enough to replace its only garrison with a police force.

Since Indonesian Independence in 1945, Sumba has been part of Nusa Tenggara Timor, the “Southeastern Islands,” with its administrative capital in Kupang on the island of Timor. In recent times, the government has greatly improved airport access to the island and the road network, linking administrative capitals of Waingapu and Waikabubak. However, little has changed in the more isolated reaches of the island. Life continues like it has for many thousands of years.

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Traveling to remote destinations is always a journey, but the road to Nihiwatu has become much easier in the past few years. Your journey begins with a flight to Bali’s newly renovated Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar (DPS).  This large Asian hub serves many major airlines from the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

 Most guests will spend a night or two in Bali before taking a sixty-minute flight from Bali’s domestic terminal to Tambolaka Airport on Sumba. There are three daily flights to Tambolaka from DPS. Private charter flights to Sumba can be arranged.

Once on Sumba, guests will take a scenic, two-hour drive across Sumba before reaching the final destination, Nihiwatu.  Nihiwatu staff will be on hand to facilitate and expedite guest travel from the domestic airport on Sumba all the way to Nihiwatu.

We have been helping clients travel to Sumba from all corners of the world. We are happy to assist you in planning the air travel to get you there quickly and comfortably.