There are many roads to success when learning to surf and Terry Simms, as the lead coach and founder, has developed several different methods to introduce first time surfers to the water, as well as work with life-long surfers who want to work on techniques or push themselves to another level.

The TSS method is a very unique, personalized approach that comes from over forty-five years of water experience. Every student is treated as an individual with different needs and desires. Our goal is to customize the teaching method to best meet the needs of the student. We don’t teach large groups, we teach individuals with the goal of turning them into surfers.

“My method of understanding each student is reflect,ing recalling and remembering every single thing I ever did wrong when learning to surf. I can still remember what scared me when I was six and twenty-six when confronted with an unruly ocean. I can recall how immense it all was, and is, and will always be.

With a blend of my personal memories and the wisdom of centuries of water time, I treat each student individually. In laymens terms; I keep you in your comfort zone throughout the whole experience unless the student desires to leave their personal comfort zone.

My teaching philosophy comes from following a band of surfers that taught me everything from ”soup riding ” to the “blue water development ” techniques that I created. I was very fortunate to be able to spend several summers working with one of surfing’s greatest ambassadors, Dorian Paskowitz. I gained a wealth of wave riding knowledge and teaching wisdom from the man who invented surf camp.

Pioneers, such as Paskowitz and the ultimate Hawaiian legend Duke Kahanamoku gave me a passion and helped me develop a deep knowledge of this sport. This knowledge and passion is what I have to offer to my students.” – Terry Simms


First Time Surfers and Beginners

The most important lesson for a new surfer is often just standing on the beach watching and assessing. Terry Simms starts every new student with a three-hour lesson in which the first two hours are often spent on the sand.

Safety is always the theme of the first lesson and safety is one of TSS’s most critical lessons. Once this is covered the basic techniques and skills of wave riding will be broken down and demonstrated in a one-to-one tutorial. The land demo then leads to the water-based training where the student will be carefully watched, encouraged and taken care of. TSS has an extraordinary high track record of first day surfers standing and riding to the sand. Every first lesson will be followed by detailed feedback and a recommendations for the next lesson.

The three goals of the first lesson are (1) a high quality introduction to surfing; (2) having a fun and memorable time ,and (3) trying to to turn that first lesson into the foundation of a long surf career.

Please call or email us to help make your introduction to surfing a life altering experience.

Teaching Children and Teens

An aquatic education is one of the most powerful gifts a parent can give a child.

Our ideal situation for youngsters begins in a warm pool where we work on various ocean swimming techniques. This special skill set is one that is different from pool swimming. The TSS ocean and board skills class teaches students board control, standing, paddling, rolling, duck diving, breath holding, board control, ocean swimming, and many other skills necessary for your child to be happy, safe and stoked at the beach or around any other body of water. Once the young ones make it through this class in a safe and fun pool environment, we move them to beach and start the next stage of teaching.

Now that students have some basic board skills, they will be more confident to enter the ocean on a board and paddle. They can become more focused on getting acclimated to the rhythm of the ocean and learning about breaking waves. The ocean class will get children standing and riding on a surfboard. With every lesson children become more comfortable and confident and eventually start paddling into their own waves. We recognize that every child is unique and learns differently. We will work to create a customized surf and swim experience that suits the needs and personality of your child.

Our teaching method with out question is the single biggest head start that you can give your child or even a friend or family member that has fears or struggles in the water. Once they get comfortable the water and in the ocean, the confidence, strength, and self pride will always be with them and can impact the rest of their life challenges in a very positive way.

Nature is our best teacher.

Teaching  Families

TSS has been bringing families together on the water for over three decades. This is one of our greatest strengths and brings us the most joy. We have watched many families grow from two adults surfing together to a team of six or seven in the water. We have had cousins, aunts and uncles all join in on family surf trips. The bonding experience that surfing can bring to a family is truly extraordinary. We have been facilitating family surf trips for decades and have many great locations that we would love to share with you.

“A family that surfs together, stays together”.

Learning to Surf Later in Life

“Over the past decade I have seen a huge increase in students who are starting to surf later in life. My oldest student started at age 68 and he is still at it. Surfing is a life long pursuit and believe me you are really never too old to enter the water on a surfboard. I have helped many new surfers in their late forties, early fifties and sixties begin from ground zero. I have helped reacquaint surfers who have had a big hiatus from the water and want to get back in it. I highly encourage parents who have kids that are learning to surf to join in with them. Surfing is one of the best family sports out there.

I will seek out the best and least crowded conditions to help maximize learning and comfort. I can also help choose the right equipment that will lead to success. Please email me if you are a new surfer who is starting this sport later in life. Let me encourage you and start you on your journey. “  – Terry Simms



Our coaching fees begin at $400 per day (for two surfers) for half day lessons from a TSS certified instructor. Rates for head coach, Terry Simms, begin at $800 per day. Email us for more details and multiple day packages. We can create a customized coaching plan that will reshape your life and surfing.