TSS Journal 1604/ Every day is an opportunity to do something great

10 Jan TSS Journal 1604/ Every day is an opportunity to do something great


Dear Rippers,

I hope everyone had a great long weekend with family and friends. On a new and exciting note in my life, the story I shared with you all a few months back was just published in an online surf magazine, “The Inertia.”  http://www.theinertia.com/surf/how-i-rescued-three-naked-men-from-drowning-in-costa-rica/. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. This is my first published piece.

Within hours of posting that story on social media, I was miraculously contacted by two of the guys I saved. I left the scene quickly that day to get to my clients, and we did not exchange names or emails. It was heartwarming to see they found me on Facebook and that both guys have wives and kids that they returned home to after their treacherous ocean swim. We are planning to meet for drinks next time I am in NYC.

This was a shining light in a month that was filled with sobering news. Globally and close to home, there were events that left me feeling sad and pondering those waves of life that are dark and unwelcome.

Thus, my message to all my friends and families after the Thanksgiving weekend is to keep giving thanks. Make every day count, tell the people you love you need them, hug your children. This time we share here is short; for some it’s over way to soon, and others are graced with long lives with the sparkle of fulfillment.

I’m taking every trip, watching every sunrise and sunset. I’m riding every swell and every wave I can catch. Learn, listen, love, give, share and, most of all, drop in to life with all the heart you have, because life is a wave – short, fast, strong, loving, mean, dramatic and soulful.

Winter swells are arriving. Go get some and say thanks to Mother Nature.

Love 2 All,


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