Full Cycle

14 Feb Full Cycle

A new horizon is coming up fast, full of hopes and dreams. As we pass through another year, we reflect on what was, what is and what will be. Here is a brief story of the power of love, sharing and surfing.

Twenty-five years ago I got lucky. Dorian Paskowitz enlisted me to run his legendary surf camp in San Onofre. For two summers I dedicated myself to a bigger picture and a dream. I first met Danny and Vera at surf camp. They had traveled from NY to learn to surf. As Vera was listening to my beach lecture, I noticed her fear and apprehension as we sat and watched the overhead waves crashing in. I took Vera and Danny under my wing. Vera started off scared but determined. She finished strong, confident and empowered. She caught the fever and fire of Stoke.

After summer was over they brought me to New York to surf and meet friends. It was a big game changer for me and for them. Many of you reading this were all part of that early era of Montauk and also part of this larger chain.

For the next few years, Danny, Vera and I surfed all over the world until they decided they needed a big change. So they moved to Hawaii to raise a family and surf, a giant leap for entrenched New Yorkers. I was amazed then and still am at the power of wave riding and how it can alter lives.

Fast forward to 2014 when I got a call from Danny. He recently relocated back to California and wanted me to surf with his daughter. Soleil was hooked on surfing. She was thirteen then, a prodigy athlete like dad and a caring soul like mom. When I first surfed with her I was shocked just how good she had become so quickly.

Her surfing was polished, fluid, stylish and powerful. She had commitment and a killer instinct. We surfed together a few times and later competed in the same contest at Malibu. She was a true force. We stayed in touch over the years as Soleil started to gain headway in the longboard movement.

A few weeks ago, I punched up the World Surf League site on my phone and was able to watch the Women’s World Title Longboard Division being held in Taiwan. Soleil was there. I watched as she tore through the other competitors in her early heats. As she made it farther along the momentum built and then, finally, I watched her advance through to the final heat. This was an emotional moment for me. Soleil won the World Title at seventeen that day, she is one of the youngest world title holders to date. Her competition coach Tyler Jensen did a amazing job training and supporting her, along with Dad and Mom. She was covered in love.

As we reflect on the end of another year and the start of a new one, it’s amazing how the links of life connected me to this family. Danny and Vera trusted me, they trusted each other, they trusted Soleil, and now a new generation is born from caring, faith and trust. A full Cycle. My dream is fulfilled, I have given without taking.

Thank you Izzy, Dorian, Danny and Vera, my wife Nancy, my mom, my family and all that have given me my dream. I encourage all of you to support the dreams of a loved one and watch where it can lead.

Surfing is life altering, if you let it. I look foreword to watching all of you and your children follow dreams through the next couple of decades. The chain only grows stronger. Aloha 2019.

Congratulations Soleil. It’s only the beginning. 

– ❤️ Simba

Surf Travel 2019
The time to plan is now!

Below please find our favorite location picks for the next few months.
Terry Simms has travel openings starting in January through March and then again in early June or late August.

Please email us for specific requests.
June16 – August 15 2019: Sold out for coaching with Terry.



Come explore this area of Fiji that is far off the beaten surf track. We have two great hotels we have partnered with that have easy boat access to one magical right-hander. A crowded day at this spot may see four to five surfers. Looking for a barrel, then sit deep on a six foot swell and you will find it. For those who want a more mellow experience, the shoulder of Maqai Reef provides a fun wall into a happy ending channel. The short and flat coral reef that lies below is described as forgiving. We call this an equal opportunity wave because it can provide for a big fun factor on multiple surf levels without too much risk.

*** Special opening from Jan 24-Feb 1. Terry is on site in Fiji with a client on Feb 1. There is an opportunity to join him before from Jan 24-Jan 31, or directly after this trip from Feb. 9th onward.

Stay: Waruka Bay Resort, Fiji.
Boho-lux accommodations for two with three meals a day starting at $320.00 per day.





Stay: Qamea Resort and Spa, Fiji.
A five star luxury resort with all of the amenities. We can hire a private boat to tour all of the local waves. Villas start at $565.00 per night.





 Resort Latitude Zero, Telos Islands
This is our latest and greatest. After a recent visit in October, it is going high to the top of our list. We will put out a full newsletter shortly but below are a few tidbits to whet your appetite.

The 10 things I love most about Resort Latitude Zero and surfing the Telos

1: The boats are SICK!
2: The typical surfers in Telos are older, nice and chill.
3: Wave options are huge.
4: It’s freaking absolutely gorgeous water.
5: All resorts in Telos respect each other and work as a team to provide everyone an A + trip.
6: Staff at RLZ are world class.
7: The island property of RLZ is unbelievable.
8: Coffee and breakfast ready at 5:30… AM!!.
9:  The whole operations runs like a Swiss watch.
10: It’s a perfect set-up for families.

Bonus :  Jakarta & Padang airports Rock. Easy, clean, exotic, safe.

**Travel openings: March 31-April 6th, April 7-April 14th 2019
Email us if you are interested in alternate dates in late summer or fall.
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